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Canada stripping citizenship from Chinese man over alleged marriage fraud

Canada stripping citizenship from Chinese man over alleged marriage fraudThe federal government is taking the relatively rare step of revoking Canadian citizenship from a Chinese man because he allegedly got it through a bogus marriage. The government is asking the Federal Court of Canada for a declaration that Yan Yang He fraudulently secured citizenship nine years ago. A statement of claim filed by the citizenship minister accuses He of concealing that he entered into a marriage of convenience with his former spouse, Lisa Marie Mills, in 2004 after coming to Canada as a student.

Judge orders satirical website Journal de Mourreal to change name, pay $23K

Judge orders satirical website Journal de Mourreal to change name, pay $23KMONTREAL — A judge has ruled a satirical publication dubbed the Journal de Mourreal will have to drop its name.Quebec Superior Court Justice Micheline Perrault rendered her decision Tuesday after determining the publication was created to imitate the 55-year-old daily tabloid Journal de Montreal.She ordered the satirical site's creator, Jannick Murray-Hall, to pay the tabloid $23,500 — the sum of the site's profits since 2013.MediaQMI — the owner of the Journal de Montreal trademark — went to court to argue the satirical publication was eroding the credibility of the newspaper's brand and creating confusion among its readers about what is actual reporting and what is parody.It had sought a name change, arguing the fake news site was using its brand to generate profits.The judge ruled the Journal de Montreal and Journal de Mourreal logos were virtually identical, both visually and phonetically.The resemblance was such that the court concluded that the satire publication's look was likely to cause confusion — something demonstrated by Quebecor lawyers at trial.Murray-Hall has 30 days to appeal the judgment.The Canadian Press

Feds offer $15.8B in new ships to Vancouver, Halifax while opening door to Davie

Feds offer $15.8B in new ships to Vancouver, Halifax while opening door to DavieOTTAWA — The federal Liberals have ripped open Canada's multibillion-dollar plan to build new ships for the navy and coast guard, prompting cheers and frustration from shipyards in different parts of the country.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used a Canadian Coast Guard vessel in Vancouver as a backdrop Wednesday to announce that Ottawa would spend $15.7 billion on new ships for the coastal service.The spending includes two more Arctic patrol vessels from Halifax-based Irving Shipbuilding, which is building six such ships for the navy, and 16 so-called multi-purpose vessels from Seaspan Shipbuilding in Vancouver.The coast guard desperately needs new ships: Documents obtained by The Canadian Press this year warned more than one-third of its 26 large vessels have exceeded their expected lifespans.And their advanced age affects the coast guard's ability to do its job, including reduced search-and-rescue coverage, ferry-service disruptions and cancelled resupply runs to the Arctic."The men and women of the coast guard have been making do with the vessels they have, some of which are almost as old as the coast guard," Trudeau said Wednesday."That is why we are doing a complete fleet renewal."Yet the biggest surprise came when Trudeau revealed the government intends to add a third shipyard as a partner in the national shipbuilding strategy, in an apparent nod to Davie Shipbuilding in Quebec City."Canada's two existing shipyards don't have the capacity to deliver the fleet renewal by themselves," said Trudeau, who was flanked by Liberal ministers and MPs from the Vancouver area."So we're also starting a competitive process for a third yard to help build ships when they're needed."Seaspan and Irving were selected following a competition in 2011 as the two shipyards responsible for building billions of dollars in new vessels for the navy and coast guard.Davie competed, but was passed over and has since fought for scraps outside the plan, including an interim support ship for the navy and three used icebreakers for the coast guard.The Quebec City shipyard nonetheless aggressively lobbied for admittance into the shipbuilding plan, pointing to delays, cost overruns and the fact neither Irving nor Seaspan has delivered a vessel as proof the strategy needed to change.Trudeau stopped short of guaranteeing Davie a spot at the table. Still, Davie spokesman Frederik Boisvert sounded beyond confident, saying the shipyard was clearly now part of the shipbuilding strategy."They recognize the fact that this strategy has been failing the government and the Canadian Coast Guard and the navy for years," he said."This strategy badly needs extra capacity and that's exactly what Davie Shipbuilding is providing."The mood was more sombre at Seaspan, where any celebrations over the government's promise of 16 multipurpose vessels was dulled by the threat of Davie taking away work.Seaspan was selected through the national shipbuilding strategy in 2011 to build four science vessels and a polar icebreaker for the coast guard, as well as two support ships for the navy.While the Vancouver shipyard has been troubled by delays, including faulty welding on some of the ships, the company said it is now making headway. The first science vessel is scheduled for delivery next month.In 2013, the previous Conservative government announced that Seaspan would build 10 other coast guard vessels afterward, but a deal was never finalized.The promise of 16 new multipurpose vessels gives the company the clarity it has wanted, but Seaspan vice-president Tim Page said the entry of a third shipyard into the shipbuilding plan raises new questions about his company's long-term viability — and that of the entire industry."We disagree with the need to add a third shipyard to meet the needs of our Canadian customers," he said."We're worried the entry of a third shipyard will return Canada to the boom-and-bust cycles that have defined previous federal shipbuilding programs."Irving Shipbuilding didn't weigh in on the addition of a third yard, instead simply welcoming the government's decision to purchase two more Arctic patrol vessels.Irving was selected in 2011 to build five Arctic patrol vessels and the navy's new fleet of 15 warships, which latest estimates peg at $60 billion. The Liberals ordered a sixth Arctic vessel and agreed to pay Irving to slow production at a cost of $800 million to prevent layoffs between the end of work on the last Arctic ship and the start of warship work.Even then, federal bureaucrats and Irving have warned there was still the threat of an 18- to 24-month production gap between the two fleets.\- Follow @leeberthiaume on Twitter.Lee Berthiaume, The Canadian Press

Once a whistleblower, Bernier's new candidate now promotes conspiracy theories

Once a whistleblower, Bernier's new candidate now promotes conspiracy theoriesMONTREAL — Maxime Bernier's People's Party of Canada is defending one of its candidates who has promoted conspiracy theorists online and suggested the fight against climate change is akin to the Islamic State.Party spokesman Martin Masse said Ken Pereira may have "eccentric" personal opinions, but the Quebec City-area candidate is an important personality in the province."He defends our values and believes in our values, and that's what's important for us," Masse said in an interview Wednesday.Pereira was one of the first people to blow the whistle on corruption in Quebec's construction industry, but instead of being noticed for his public service, the former president of an industrial mechanics union is getting attention for his online persona.He has suggested the measles vaccine will give people autism, and in a tweet last March Pereira wrote, "The climate agenda is as harmful for Western youth as the radical Islamic State is for their youth." He has also promoted and defended the U.S. sites The Gateway Pundit and Infowars, known for spreading conspiracy theories.Pereira's name became known across the province following a 2009 report on Radio-Canada that looked into corruption in Quebec's construction industry. He was one of the main sources for the story.Pereira leaked the expense accounts of Jocelyn Dupuis, who was the head of Quebec's FTQ-Construction, a union representing the majority of Quebec's construction workers.That Radio-Canada episode helped spark additional investigative reporting that led to the Charbonneau commission, a multi-year inquiry into corruption in the construction industry and the illegal financing of political parties. Pereira testified before the commission in 2013.He went on to develop an online persona — mostly on Twitter. In an April 2016 Twitter post he promoted the debunked theory that the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine causes autism. Last month, he linked to a story about Pope Francis with the comment, "Traitor or mentally ill, the pope wants to radicalize the Catholic Church movement, the new crusade!"Masse said Pereira used to be involved in a type of conspiracy — a corrupt construction industry that had ties to organized crime. And since then he's been interested in conspiracy theories, in general.Pereira is a man who believes in smaller government, personal responsibility, Masse said: "Those are the values that Bernier speaks about constantly."Asked whether climate change activists can be compared to Islamic State terrorists, Masse said that was "rhetoric" on Pereira's part."Look, he thinks there is an exaggeration in the thesis of climate change, and we believe that too," Masse said.In an interview with The Canadian Press Tuesday, Pereira said he remains uncertain about the safety of the MMR vaccine, saying he has "asked a lot of doctors" and has not received a satisfactory response.Bernier, 56, who represents the federal riding of Beauce, south of Quebec City, slammed the door on the Conservative party on the eve of its convention last August.The Tories, he said, were "too intellectually and morally corrupt to be reformed," and on Sept. 14 he launched his new party.The Canadian Press

Canada hires firm to ship back garbage, will be done before end of June: McKenna

Canada hires firm to ship back garbage, will be done before end of June: McKennaOttawa is spending more than $1 million to ship 2,000 tonnes of rotting garbage back to Canada from the Philippines, hoping to bring an end to the diplomatic war over waste before Canada Day.Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said Wednesday the government signed a contract for $1.14 million with the Canadian arm of French shipping giant Bollare Logistics, to prepare and ship 69 containers of Canadian trash that have sitting in the ports of Subic and Manila in the Philippines for up to six years."Canada values its deep and long-standing relationship with the Philippines and has been working closely with Filipino authorities to find a solution that is mutually acceptable," she said in a statement.McKenna said the waste must be treated to meet Canadian safety and health requirements, but an official with Environment Canada wouldn't explain what those requirements entail or whether the waste is currently a hazard to the Philippines. A recent inspection of the containers by the Philippines found all but one of the containers was seaworthy. One container was infested by termites but could be safely moved as long as it was secured on a platform.The 69 containers are the remainder from 103 shipped by a private Canadian company to the Philippines in 2013 and 2014 and labelled improperly as plastics for recycling.The other 34 containers have already been dealt with in the Philippines, despite objections from local officials and environment groups. Those groups say the shipment was illegal under the Basel Convention, an international treaty Canada signed to prevent richer nations from dumping their garbage in unsuspecting developing countries.McKenna anticipates the containers will all be back in Canada by the end of June and they will be disposed of properly within Canada before the end of the summer. Canada is trying to go after the company that shipped the waste but it has since gone out of business.The Philippines, which has been demanding Canada remove the waste for nearly six years, recently set a May 15 deadline for having it removed, with President Rodrigo Duterte threatening to declare war otherwise (an official later said he just meant to convey how strongly he felt). When that deadline came and went with the garbage still sitting in the Philippines, Duterte recalled his country's ambassador and consuls general from Canada. On Wednesday he ordered his government to find a shipper to take care of the containers, with plans to leave them in Canadian waters.Hours later, Canada announced a contract had been signed, although the document posted online suggests the deal was actually done May 17.Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland spoke to her counterpart in the Philippines, foreign secretary Teodoro Locsin, following Duterte's decision to recall the Philippine ambassador. She said Wednesday Canada is very focused on bringing this matter to a conclusion."I think we have taken a big step with the announcement today and we are moving as quickly as we can, bearing in mind, you know, the need to take due care to get this resolved once and for all," Freeland said at an event in Regina.Duterte's spokesman, Salvador Panelo, told a news conference in Manila Wednesday that Duterte was upset "about the inordinate delay of Canada in shipping back its containers of garbage," adding "We are extremely disappointed with Canada's neither-here-nor-there pronouncement on the matter."More than five years of talks between Canada and the Philippines to deal with the trash went nowhere until last month, when Duterte threatened war and said he would ship the garbage back to Canada himself."Eat it if you want to," he declared.Panelo said Wednesday the Philippines "must not be treated as trash by other foreign nations.""Obviously, Canada is not taking this issue nor our country seriously. The Filipino people are gravely insulted about Canada treating this country as a dumpsite," Panelo said.NDP MP Gord Johns said he is relieved Canada is finally doing what it should have done years ago. He said "it's disgraceful" that Canada allowed the dispute to escalate to this point before acting.He noted South Korea took just a few months to take garbage back when it accidentally sent containers of trash to the Philippines, and Canada should have done the same.—with files from The Associated PressMia Rabson, The Canadian Press

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